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Aqua Ice Pendant

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Sterling Silver Chain Length


A sand casted pendant, with faceted aquamarine. Original textures cover the pendant and the line work that shoots out from the stone. The faceted aquamarine is gently blue and very clear. 

The Faceted Aquamarine is repurposed and from Brazil.

Sand casting is a very old method of casting using special sand, and a shaped object to make jewelry. The artist creates a carved form to create an impression in the sand, the form is then removed to create a hollow and metal is then poured in, creating a one of a kind piece of jewellery with unique textures.

  • Length: 17mm (Including Bail)
  • Widest Part: 10mm
  • Faceted Square Aquamarine (Repurposed)
  • Origin of Aquamarine, Brazil
  • Size of Aquamarine: 6mm x 5mm
  • Sterling Silver 925 (Recycled)
  • Handcrafted in Japan
  • Sterling Silver Chain Included (Partially Recycled)

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