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Sunn Series #7 | Water Opal

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Sterling Silver Chain Length

This opal can only be described as watery, with its natural hazy light periwinkle hue. The way the light moves in this opal is really water-like, with dancing colours moving with the light. Atop the opal sits an adornment of stamped silver, and a drop of gold.  

This Opal is from Magdalena Mexico. The opals here have been mined by indigenous peoples for thousands of years, but after the Spanish conquistadors came to Mexico, the location of the mines was lost until the 1800’s. The mines here are majority local run, and are all polished by independent polishers in the area. Wanderground buys stones directly from polishers, going door to door in communities asking to buy Opal.

As a Freeform stone, this is a one of a kind item. 

  • Freeform Opal 
  • Origins of Stone: Magdalena, Mexico
  • Opal Size: 9mm x 7mm x 4mm
  • Total Length: 12mm
  • Sterling Silver (Recycled)
  • 10k Gold (Recycled)
  • Handcrafted in Japan
  • Sterling Silver Chain Included (Partially Recycled)

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