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Turquoise and Garnet Ring

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A large Stormy Mtn Turquoise with 10k Gold accent to start the band and a smaller No. 8 Turquoise with garnet to finish the band in this open design ring. The polished finish band has a textured section in the back as well as patterned stamp work in the inner part of the ring. 

This ring has an open design, and therefore is flexible in sizing. This ring is photographed at size 8, but can be adjusted to sizes 7 - 9. 

This Stormy Mtn Turquoise is repurposed. The Stormy Mtn Turquoise Mine is located in northeastern Nevada. Stormy Mtn is known for producing hard, dark blue turquoise that includes a blotchy, black/brown matrix that resembles storm clouds. 

 The No. 8 turquoise mine in Nevada was discovered in 1925 and first mined in 1929. At present, the mine is closed to turquoise mining. Almost all the turquoise produced was of the spider web type, with the matrix varying from golden brown to black. The colours grade from light blue to dark blue, some with interesting tints of green. This No. 8 Turquoise is natural, non-stabilized and polished in house. 

This garnet was found by a friend in the rivers of the Kootenay region of British Colombia, Canada.

  • Ring Size: 8 (7 - 9)
  • Stormy Mt. Turquoise (Repurposed)
  • Origin of stone: Nevada, USA
  • Maximum Height: 25mm
  • Widest Part of Stone: 10mm
  • Maximum Depth: 5mm
  • No. 8 Turquoise 
  • Origin Of Stone: Nevada, USA
  • First Use Stone
  • Size: 7mm x 4mm
  • Garnet
  • Origin Of Stone: Canada
  • Size: 2mm x 2mm
  • Sterling Silver (Recycled)
  • 10k Gold Accent (Recycled)
  • Handcrafted in Canada

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