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Royston Ribbon Ring

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A large semi-triangular oval with a river of turquoise flowing down one side. A tan matrix of sandy beach beside, as well as some darker ridges and flecks of black. This scene is held in a textured, dark sterling silver accent and the band continues in polished sterling silver. The band ends with a stamped dome of 10k Gold.

This ring has an open design, and therefore is flexible in sizing. This ring is photographed at size 8.5, but can be adjusted to sizes 7.5 - 9.5. 

Royston Ribbon Turquoise is genuine unstabilized Turquoise in matrix. It was cut by members of the same family that owns and works the claims in Royston, Nevada. This mine was primitively unearthed by a shepherd in the '70's accidentally onto a vein of turquoise on the slope. Usually, the turquoise emerges in ribbons or stripes. The stone is shaped by artisans based on the natural flow of turquoise and matrix to make a sort of ribbon flow along the final cabochon. 

  • Ring Size: 8 (7 - 9)
  • Royston Ribbon Turquoise 
  • Origin of stone: Nevada, USA
  • First Use Stone
  • Widest Part of Stone: 10mm
  • Maximum Height: 21mm
  • Depth: 6mm
  • Sterling Silver (Recycled)
  • 10k Gold Accent (Recycled)
  • Handcrafted in Canada

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