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Golden Hills Ring (Turquoise)

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A large baby blue Golden Hills Turquoise on a textured band held in a polished silver casing. This band ends in a gentle orange/pink faceted Oregon Sunstone. The inside of the band is completely adorned with stamp work for a very personal finish.  

Golden Hill Turquoise, is one of the most distinct-looking turquoise varieties in the market. Its light baby blue appearance, coupled with light brown to brown "lavender" matrixes makes for an exceptionally beautiful stone. This unique combination makes it a sought-after gem among turquoise enthusiasts.

Oregon sunstone, belonging to the labradorite subgroup of the feldspar mineral group, is a rare gem found primarily in southeastern Oregon, USA. The most prized sunstone varieties display a captivating coppery-orange hue due to copper content. It is well known for its "schiller" effect caused by light reflecting off copper platelets or hematite inclusions, it's often faceted to accentuate its color and sparkle.

This ring has an open design, and therefore is flexible in sizing. This ring is photographed at size 7.5, but can be adjusted to sizes 6.5 - 8.5. 

  • Ring Size: 7.5 (6.5 - 8.5)
  • Golden Hills Turquoise 
  • Origin of stone: Kazakhstan
  • Maximum Height: 23mm
  • Widest Part of Stone: 14mm
  • Maximum Depth: 4mm
  • Oregon Sunstone
  • Origin Of Stone: Oregon
  • Stamp work
  • Sterling Silver (Recycled)
  • Handcrafted in Canada

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